VidInfusion Review

Online video marketing has proven to be a valuable advertisement and sales technique for online marketers regardless of the scale of their web based operations. This has necessitated the need to understand exactly how to create appealing videos that compel the targeted market to spend on the products or services being sold.

In this regard, internet and video marketer Josh Ratta has risen to dominance developing video courses and tools to facilitate the internet marketing activities. He is the innovative developer of eVideo Rocket that was a step by step guide for creating compelling and professional sales videos. His most recent development has caused a buzz among internet marketers being termed as perhaps one of the most powerful internet marketing tools ever created.

VidInfusion by Josh Ratta is a web based platform that enables its users to create marketing videos to video hosting sites like YouTube and vimeo while they can post social networking sites like Facebook and twitter. With the application of such a tool, one is guaranteed to attract many views provided that they stick to the following guidelines.
So what is VidInfusion?

VidInfusion is a web based platform which allows users to create video marketing campaigns like never before. Now users can select any YouTube video or Vimeo video. Add custom video skins, share buttons, buy now buttons, opt-in forms and other awesome features. Then they are able to automatically post to Facebook, Twitter & Google plus getting there videos viral exposure! So now they can sell products or services, build an email list and create a social media influence all through there videos with VidInfusion.

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VidInfusion Main Features

VidInfusion is a revolutionary new marketing Application that enables you to:

 Select any YouTube or Vimeo video
Add custom video skins to your videos
Add any application directly onto your video
Optin Forms, Social Share Buttons Affiliate Links
Post directly onto Facebook, Google Plus & Twitter
Plus much much more..

Watch the demo here :

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