Video Marketing Publisher Review and Bonuses

Creator: Todd Gross
Product Name: Video Marketing Publisher
Launch Date: 2014-07-2, 11:00 EDT
Product Type: Affilate marketing
Price: 30$
Special Offer: Click here!

Video Marketing Publisher is THE method to go to hold your videos, not Youtube. Youtube is DANGEROUS frequently removing your video clips arbitrarily, or closing accounts down totally. Yup, VMP and VMP Social from Todd Gross and his Easy Internet Video clip companions is right here, at a price that will never be below now.

Why does this Video Player beat Easy Video Suite?
Easy – THE PRICE. With many of the core features of EVS – Video Marketing Publisher is a breath of fresh air for those on a budget.. AND if you act in the next 7 days, you will get Developers Rights for free.
That means you will be able to use VMP on your clients sites!

Video Marketing Publisher uses Amazon S3 like the gurus do

Video Marketing Publisher allows your videos to be completely interactive, you can even stop a video from playing until someone opts-in or shares your video.. and with the Facebook integration module, you can play the videos right inside the newsfeed complete with those same interactive features!

Video Marketing Publisher Features

    • Edit your video’s size and quality
    • choose from different player styler and colors
    • Add social mediabuttons and redirects
    • Embed logos and watermarks
    • Add clickable captions and images
    • Add funstioning email forms in your video
    • And much, much more…

Watch the demo 1 :

Watch the demo 2 :

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