ZeroBounce WP Plugin Review

About ZeroBounce WordPress Plugin

This WP Plugin is unique and no other plugin out there can do this.

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Do you know that every website loses almost 40-60% of their visitors just few seconds after they visit the site? These are visitors that come ONCE, visit a single page and click the BACK button of the browser and they just BOUNCE back to where they came from.

If you see your traffic data you will see this number as your site’s BOUNCE RATE which is normally between 40-60% for most sites, a lot higher for sites getting traffic from social media etc.

These are visitors you’re losing and not monetizing.These are visitors that are not making you any money. No leads, no sales, no ad clicks, no commissions.Also by going back quickly from your site, they are affecting your SEO & rankings by increasing the Bounce Rate of your site. You need to PLUG THIS LEAK quickly because your site is losing money fast because of this.

So here is the SOLUTION: Enter ZERO BOUNCE wordpress plugin.

ZeroBounce WP Plugin
This plugin gives you the super power to redirect these bouncing visitors to another page on your site or you can redirect these visitors to affiliate offers, cpa offers, amazon links, optin pages, literally anywhere you want.

So now when they come to your site, check it out a bit and hit the BACK button – BOOM -> money in the bank!

This is for 50% of your traffic that you’re losing today, each and every day. Also reducing bounce rate will help your site’s SEO if you decide to redirect these visitors to another page of your site with your most popular content . This will increase time on site and drastically help your site’s rankings.

ZeroBounce has tested with a lot of websites and the site owners are ecstatic about it. They’ve seen a drop in bounce rate and an increase in earnings since the day they added this plugin to their sites.

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