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About Tube Live Commando

Vendor: Tony Hayes
Product: Tube Live Commando
Launch Date: 2014-12-03
Launch Time: 10:00 EST
Front-End Price: $37
Official Website :
Niche: Video Marketing



As you know by now video is a vital part of all marketing. It’s something that’s become more and more effective over the years! And for good reason.

The problem we’ve been facing is that we’re all too busy caught in the romance of the hunt which is creating the perfect videos. We’ve done that, we’ve got the tools for it and it’s simple now. The problem is, video is only effective if people actually see it.

And there’s nothing worse then seeing amazing videos collect dust because they’re not having the traffic they deserve, the traffic YOU deserve. Ranking videos is just as important as creating them, so why aren’t you doing it? and if you are.. are you doing it correctly? AND! even if you are doing it well, how much time are you actually wasting doing it? How much money are you wasting?

Tony Hayes has created something that will long-term rank
your videos ON AUTOPILOT from the comfort of your computer desktop!

It’s called Tube Live Commando…..

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This software utilises YouTube Live Events Algorythm to you Advantage.

Watch the demo below :

Tube Live Commando Features :

– Auto schedule your pre recorded videos via live events and the software will work on autopilot streaming them
– Using Pre Recorded videos allow you to get your marketing elements like call to action, watermarks and more in that traditional live events
– Tube Live Commando is Multi Channel ready – Google allows us to have up to 50 channels with one Google account.This allows us to move between channels quickly and easily and with live events you will never ever have the same file size, but its best to use a different intro or call to action to make the video extremely unqiue.
-Included in the software is a video spinner, to make your pre recorded videos different byte sizes quickly and easily in one click!
– Super simple to use interface, just fill in a few fields like in the demo video and let the software run, when its finished it will open up the video in youtube for you to do more editing if you wish.
-Nothing complicated to learn
-Cheap affordable option that does the job much simpler than a $500 software that quite frankly is confusing and hard to master
-Ranks videos fast! Training provided on how to get Google to optimize your title, descriptions and tags
– Super fast and simple backlink strategies to boost your rankings and make them stick


Tube Live Commando Bonus


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