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Social Directory Overview

Creators: Karthik Ramani & Chad Nicely & Matt Ford
Date Of Launch: 2014-12-19
Time Of Launch: 11:00 EST
Niche: Facebook Marketing
Price : $17



Facebook it still the biggest network out there. Even though we saw a lot of the scummy offers and FB ads, getting shut down you can still make a ton of money if  your setup properly on Facebook.

One of the best ways to do this is by running offers inside  your fan page. This can be affiliate products, your own products, amazon products, or you can even use your fan page to find local local clients for your business. We have the solution that will do all that and so much more!

For the fist time ever you are able to create directories inside of your fan page. You are also able to place banners inside the fan page, and offer premium listings as well. That is just the tip of the iceberg. And you can do it all automatically using this cool new app! Introducing…

Social Directory

What is Social Directory  ?

It is a new Facebook web based app that will enable you to easily create Directories inside your Facebook fan pages and then add categories for each of your products to your Directories while being able to add banners advertising similar products to your customers in the sidebar area.

Yes within a matter of minutes you can have directories setup on your fan page, complete with monetization, upgraded premium listing abilities, your customers can leave reviews, rate your products and servers and so much more.

This isn’t a WordPress plugin.  You don’t have to have a server, You don’t need a SSL certificate, heck you don’t even need a domain name.  We have it all handled for you!

How Does Social Directory Work?

Step #1 – Pick a product niche.

It can be anything  that people have a need for.  I’m going to go with coffee makers.  Be specific with your product, but don’t get too focused with brands and models and such

Step #2 – Create a simple FanPage for that product.
– You want to call your fanpage like “Espresso Makers Directory.”

Step #3 – Find a couple affiliate offers

– that are related to your  product. In my coffee example, I can promote some other Amazon products, or I could find some coffee clubs that have affiliate offers.
Once you know the offer, save some of the banners for that product or program.  Any size will work

Step #4 – Create a list of products inside your fanpage

– You can categorize these products as well.  You then want to have these products
inside your fanpage.

Step #5 – Create a simple like campaign to your new directory

– You can very easily create a like campaign and ask Facebook to redirect the user to your new directory.  So when the user lands on your new directory they see the products your selling and there are banners there promoting other products as well.

For more information about Social Directory visit the official website > Click Here !


Social Directory Bonus


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