Elite Video Evolution 2.0 Review

WHAT IS Elite Video Evolution 2.0 ?
Elite Video Evolution is an in-depth, high quality training program that will give your customers an over-the-shoulder blueprint for creating high converting sales videos.

Inside Of Elite Video Evolution 2.0

Module 1.  VSL Fundamentals

Well, before you even think regarding putting your video sales machine together, you first need to know all the fundamentals of creating a VSL on a solid foundation. Here you will learn why the basic market research is not enough at all and exactly how you are defining who is your ideal prospect. Well, here you will learn following stuffs.

You will learn how to find your core prospect and how to get inside their head, all knowing what actually makes them tick so that you can market them in a better way.

Find how to diagnose and discover your customer’s issues and understand them deeply so that you can gain trust and comfort with them.

Know the particular strategies for discovering the pain, problems, fears and desires of your prospects so they think their marketing message is being sculpted mainly to them.

Finally, you will learn how to find your ideal customers so that you can target your sales materials to actual potential buyers only who are seriously looking for the services or products that you are selling or marketing. This will not only reduce your advertising cost, but also increase the chance of making your sales.

Module 2.  Killer VSL Scripts

Well, since you are having a solid foundation and know your prospects as well as your potential customers to whom you can target for sales, now you need to know how to write a video sales letter script that converts well for you. You must know that a sales copy of a video is a science and writing it effectively is an art which actually compels your buyers to get attracted towards your offer and get you converted. So lets these stuffs you would be learning in this module.

Learn all the 3 critical components for showing your VSL so that you can get better conversions right from the beginning without even requiring you to spend months of testing and tweaking like I did.

All the 14 steps script sculpture that will provide you an easy step-by-step guide that will help you to turn any cold prospect into a hungry buyer.

Learn a single strategy that will overcome all obstacles and get people to buy your service.

Further, you will learn all the secret method that you can use in your script that simply accelerates your chance of getting converted.

Module 3.  Psychology, Influence & Persuasion Psychology

Here, in this module you will be learning to plant a seed into your prospect’s minds in order to influence them in carrying forward any call to action that you want them to initiate.

Learn all the 6 persuasions triggers that you can easily add to your videos for increasing your chance of getting better conversions.

Learn how to apply these principles mainly to sales videos so that you can easily start to use them straight away by copying them directly from the given examples here in the training.

Further, here you will be learning all the best methods to grab your customer’s attention directly to let you make yourself converts well from those potential customers.

Learn how to make your video more engaging so that your customers see your video till the end part and make their purchase from you.

Module 4.   Professional Presentations Creations

In this 4th module you will be learning all, the secrets behind the presentation creation as I take you by the hand and show you how to create engaging slideshow videos that will make you stand out from all others under your niche. Well, the best part of this is that it works both on PC and Mac interface. So lets see what else you will be learning from here.

How to record your audio professionally for free so that you can capture absolutely professional sounding audio that creates a massive impact in the mind of the viewers.

Learn how you can create all powerful presentations and slick all the slideshows so that you can easily replicate them by yourself.

Learn the fastest and easiest way to edit your videos in a professional manner.

Here, one will learn how to use all multiple programs, including PowerPoint for PC and Keynote for Mac users so that you can easily start your editing work.

Module 5.  Swipe & Deploy Presentations

Well, here you will be given access to all the presentation slides and the scripts of a highest converting video sales letter. Will you actually get here two separate presentations that is, one is your standard white background with black text and other is the evolution style that you can use on your VSL. You will learn here, following things

The normal black text white background VSL style presentation which is fully pre-animated so that all you have to do is to edit the text and you are ready to go.

Learn the evolution version of the presentations which is animated in the same manner as the sales video at the top of the page so you can save time because of the animated presentations is already comes ready for you.

You are getting to learn video sales letter script so that you can see how to word your scripts that will let you get a better idea regarding the way to do it all by yourself.

Learn how to edit the parts of a script, making it suitable for whatever service or products you are marketing through your VSL.

Module 6.  Professional Video Creation Within Your Budget

Well, in this module you will be learning how to create all professional and high quality marketing videos for your business just by using your smartphone. This step-by-step training shows you how to create professional videos on a shoestring budget without needing to sacrifice the quality of your video and without needing to spend all thousands of dollars on expensive video equipment.

You will learn here how to create and apply style infinite white background videos on a budget so you can create professional looking videos like a Pros to increase your branding.

You will learn how to create all high quality talking head style videos and way to shoot them in order to make any amateur school boy errors that will actually hurt your branding.

Learn all the essential apps that will save you thousands of dollars on expensive video equipment so you can save money and still get the same effect using your phone.

Further, last nor the least you will be discovering all three areas of video that make the difference between a professional, engaging marketing masterpiece and a terrible video that no one watches for more than 10 seconds.

Module 7.  Eve Green Screen

Here, in this brand new training module you will be doing a crash course in green screen video production!. You will learn how to get started even if you never did any green screen work before. Further you can also learn to create a Point and click videos which used to be really very cool and damn easy to create as you learn here in this Eve Green Screen training.

Module 8 . Google Hangout Traffic

This module will let you follow all the step-by-step process in creating a Google Hangouts that ranks well on top of YouTube as well as on Google. Here you will be learning how to rank affiliate products through using Google Hangouts, so once you create the video it get you paid over and over again from an organic traffic search page then easily your video will be on the top page of Google.

Module 9 . NLP For Video Presenters

This is the final module and you will be getting a step-by-step training on how to perform on camera like a boss. You will be learning all the inner game of video presentation that lets you to stay focused and relaxed while filming yourself. This is really a powerful system that teaches you how to attract your viewers through your presentation skills and body language.

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