CB Chief Review

CB Chief WP Plugin Review

Vendor:                           Stefan van der Vlag
Product Name:              CB Chief
Launch Date:                 2014-04-14
Launch Time:                11:00 EDT
Front-End Price:          $27
JV Page:                         http://www.cbchief.com/
Niche:                             Software

CB Chief  Review

Internet marketing isn’t easy. It’s really quite difficult. Many people, just like you, get frustrated and tired of hearing the same old story about how ‘Internet Gurus’ make $10,000 an hour or a ‘Magic Button’ that inflates your bank account in seconds. It’s not that easy and those ‘Gurus’ are most-often not making money. However, you and I know that the real way to make money online is to get a technique that works and AUTOMATE it.

Automation is the key in making one sale turn into thousands. By scaling up your efforts there is no upper ceiling to your earnings. What I have here for you is a software that automates a VERY effective marketing system. You need to focus on what happens with the software to really understand just how powerful it is. It takes a simple method, twists it to make months or even years’ worth of work in just a few minutes a day.

CB Chief is the name of the brand that gives you such software and the reason you most likely haven’t heard of it before is deliberate.

Remember those ‘Gurus’ we talked about. Well, these guys would kill to have this software and will be flooding towards this special, one-time offer so if you want to earn thousands of dollars in no time at all, quit your 9-5 job and make a difference in your life, then the only way is to act fast. Really fast.

The limitations are there for a reason. The method and software would never get saturated, and thats a major reason why I keep using this as a mainsource of my income.

So, in order to have the insane potential of earning thousands of dollars for what is very, very little work you will no doubt jump at the chance. Normal 9-5 jobs can be taken away from you by company restructures and corporate changes, unemployed people struggle to find new jobs and those that have jobs usually hate them. You’d love the chance to be like other Internet Marketers that spend a few minutes a day and live the life they have always wanted, wouldn’t you?

This incredible offer will not last long. As you know, there is a limitation to the amount of software that will be sold at this price. That means that once the limit of the amount of copies with this price in circulation has been reached, the price to the ‘CB Chief’ will be going up.

Financial freedom is just a few clicks away. Secure your spot and lock in your savings. Your bank account, your family and your future depend on these next few minutes. Miss your chance and you will never forgive yourself.  Join CB Chief below and earn the EASIEST cash you will ever make.

CB Chief


So What is CB Chief ??

CB Chief is a STATE-OF-THE-ART WordPress Plugin that creates Clickbank Reviews on designated blog. Complete with links and images that point to the affiliate offer (all fine-tuned to the specified affiliate ID). This plugin works with Clickbank’s API.

The only thing a user needs to do is to fill out their Clickbank details, specify what the plugin needs to pull and they are good to go! For instance, the user can choose to setup positive keywords and negative keywords – this allows the user laser target their search in the Clickbank categories, and sub-categories. The plugin can even drip-feed the content over a set time! Specify the amount of words you want to pull – and it will only post the product once to avoid nonhuman behavior – you can basically create tons of Clickbank review posts in a matter of minutes.

 CB Chief Features

  • Scrape products on clickbank gravity.
  • Scrape products on clickbank poppularity.
  • Posts back results from high to low.
  • Fill your wordpress blog instantly.
  • Or simply drip feed content over time.
  • Scrape on clickbank categories.
  • Enter postive keywords to laser target.
  • Specify affliate and tracking IDs.
  • Scrape on clickbank language.
  • Specify the minimum amount of words.
  • The ‘Read more’ to your affliate link.
  • Site thumbnails to your affiliate link.
  • Create buttons to your affiliate link.

More information in the video below :

Amazing, right?

We’re are excited to announce that our testing shows that the plugin creates 100 review posts in under 3 minutes! Each and every time. This means that the user can populate his blog very quickly – and he or she doesn’t have to go in and point everything to the right affiliate offer – it’s done automatically! You can even choose to include tracking IDs so that when a user makes a sale, he or she can easily find which blog generated the sale in the Clickbank sales overview.

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Get CB Chief Bonuses :

Bonus #1 - Profitable List Building

I’ve decided to include an eBook on profitable list building. This eBook covers all the basics, and some more advanced techniques on list building. The information shared in this eBook can be used with CB Chief as well, so that the people can start building their own list. Instead of building someone’s other list in the process. Since CB Chief is all about creating the best Review Blogs, the information in this gift will tell them how to create, manage and get the most out of their lists. Great information, solid content, and lots to learn… Please read on for the rest of the bonuses.

Bonus #2 - Fan Page Millionaire

With the CB Chief people get a software as a bonus that will help them generate traffic from Facebook. With this guide they can leverage their new leads with the power of Facebook… By siphoning traffic to this great social platform they can build up quite a presence. People will want to learn how to monetize this traffic, and perhaps they want to learn how to create an engaging community as well! This eBook you can give away as a bonus will assist people in just that. This is about making a real killing with Facebook Fan Pages, and it covers the basics on how to set up one properly as well.

Bonus #3 - Atomic CPA Marketing

Throughout this guide I’ll be introducing a variety of techniques and strategies that you can use to profit substantially from CPA. These are all strategies that I have personally used to make money online with CPA offers. Nothing is left to the imagination. Upon completing the reading of this eBook people will have a clear understanding of what it takes to profit from CPA offers, and will be able to get started promoting. The people you send to CB Chief will be thrilled when they learn they are getting more value for their money!

And Also :

  • Email Marketing Demon – Valued at $47: A comprehensive video course that will help you implement the most sneakiest tactics in your email marketing campaigns. It also comes with a full fledged guide! This goes well with the front-end offer
  • Facebook Coupon App – Valued at $67This Facebook application allows you to create coupons on the fly on your Facebook pages. This will create more engagement for your users, and a profitable social environment.
  • Head Lines That Sell  – Valued at $27A short – but valuable! – guide about crafting the best compelling headlines on the world! This will help to create winning email subject lines, ad titles and much more!
  • Marketing Words And Phrases That Sell  – Valued at $27This could be used as an addition on the previous guide. This eBook holds thousands of the so called ‘selling words’ that will enable you to push the buttons of your customers!
  • Copywriters Blueprint  – Valued at $47Again a course that goes well with the front-end offer. Everything about copywriting you need to know. Harnessing the power of the written word will come in handy with creating powerful Clickbank Review blogs.
  • Social Media Profits – Valued at $47A full-fledged video course that reveals everything about several social media platforms. It even gives you a plan of action. A great bonus to give to with the 2nd OTO.

Click here to get bonuses above !! If you have any trouble, just email me at : admin@productreviewsbonus.com or seilove95@gmail.com.