Socialite Pro Review and Bonus

Socialite Pro is about to become the go to program for social media training. It’s a results proven, fail proof training system that just delivers results time & time again. You will watch, copy and implement the video tutorials, then sit back and get results.

Created by Luke Maguire and his team, Socialite Pro provides several different training tiers in its effort to strive to become top social media training program of 2014.

Luke Maguire, Becker & Cass have designed this to ensure it could not be easier for you to get results on social media. Here are just a few things each level includes:

Socialite Pro Status

Socialite Pro is the complete social media money making course for you. At the entry level of this program, Socialite Pro Status provides you with an over the shoulder look at how to get your business running on the most relevant social media channels with interested niche market fans coming to your page, today.

Socialite Pro Status teaches the no BS fundamentals of social media marketing that will ensure you will have everything set up right from the get go. Socialite Pro Status will enable you to :

– create money making social media profiles on Instagram, Youtube & Facebook today by following easy to follow spoon fed over the shoulder videos.
– Learn all the basics of social media, from setting up a new account, learning the layout, uploading, etc. All the basics are covered.
– Learn how to gain huge traffic outside of SEO.
– Learn how to use Facebook Ads Manager to reach highly targeted niches
– Learn the skill set of social media best practices that will really make the world of difference.
– Understand the analytics of their different social media streams and then use these to their advantage
– Be introduced to time saving auto pilot tools that can really supercharge their social media practices.
– Be prepped with a skillset that will allow them to start local marketing for local business’s.
– See the Do’s & Don’ts of some of the best in the industry to model your own campaigns off.

Socialite Pro Elite

Socialite Pro Elite is all about showing you the proof and starting cases from scratch that DO convert into not only highly targeted fast growing fan pages, but actual money.

Personally I believe there is no better way of learning then actually seeing someone start something scratch, following them along the way to a final outcome of making money. This is exactly what is provided in Socialite Pro Elite. Not only do you get all the Socialite Pro Status Training, Socialite Pro Elite provides the following:

-Multiple spoon fed Facebook money making case study tutorials
– Advanced facebook ads tutorials for Mega niche targeting
– Multiple Instagram Money making case study tutorials
– Youtube Ranking tutorials (see rank videos right before you)
– COMPLETE Website creation series, from domain & Hosting purchasing, to wordpress installations, to themes, plugins, link cloaking etc, it’s all here in this done for you program.
– Retargeting campaigns (Stalk your customers all over the internet)
Dark Post Walkthrough Campaigns (one of the most trending topics in social media marketing at the moment)
– Power Editor Tutorials
– Affiliate, local & Personal product sale tutorials and case studies (yes, he will explain each of these and show you how to implement them to make money!)
– Advanced techniques & Tools that will really help dominate your social media marketing and save YOU a lot of time.
– Social media outsourcing – a look at what you can get others to do for a minimal cost so you can spend your time on more productive things.

Socialite Pro Celeb

Socialite Pro Celeb is without a doubt the best value product that will give you the best results possible. This is the most jam packed product of its kind and will equip a complete newbie with the skill set to be able to have anyone think they have been doing this type of thing for years, while making a stack of money at the same time.

Socialite Pro Celeb not only gives you everything that comes with the ‘Status’ and ‘Elite’ levels, but it will also include:

– Social Media Domination campaigns- working in the most profitable niches that combine everything in this course into an easy to follow video series.
– 100k+ per year SINGLE campaign breakdown- Luke Maguire reveal his top sites, break them down to a base level in an extremely detailed, yet simple to follow series.

– See how he rinses & repeats the strategies in this program to make these power campaigns)
– Outsourcing Series – Luke Maguire show you how to outsource and create literally any product they can think of and turn it into a profitable autopilot campaign (currently this case study is making $2000 per week on autopilot)
– Top online market niches defined with strategies of how to reach this market.
– Money Making Power Campaigns – real time social media campaigns shown to you over the shoulder from creation to moneymaking power pages.
– Local marketing series – local marketing contributes to a large % of his yearly income and he reveal ‘can’t say no’ campaign that literally ensures any business will be silly not to get you working for them.
– Secret Tool tutorials to really enable you to have an unfair competitive advantage over your competition. This is his ‘secret sauce’ to dominating the industry.
– Walkthroughs of my most profitable online social media pages & campaigns that show the potential of what can be created.
– Teespring Revealed- One of the most trending topics at the moment, he will show you how to impliment the strategies used in this course, in real time, to create profitable Teespring campaigns (30 mins work = $300+profit on autopilot).
– Trial tactics series – the latest tips, techniques, programs, software and ideas so you can always see what he is up to NOW & ideas that may give you that edge over everyone else.
– List Building Series – show you how you can build lists over using social media with leads coming in on autopilot, even while you sleep. How to get users with an income over 200k a year to owners of local small business’s coming to YOU for help.

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Bonus 1 – Socialite Eye SOFTWARE

Socialite Eye is a bonus software I have created for you that will literally give you hundreds and thousands of local leads in any niche in any location at the click of a button. This will save you hours in searching for local clients and add a huge amount onto your current income (Pick up 10 local clients at 1k per month = over 100k a year just in local clients)!


Bonus 2 – Youtube Celebrity Recording Masterclass

Here i show you how you can become a youtube celebrity by taking you through how to record very professional, highly engaging videos with some extremely basic tools.

Bonus 3 – Four Instagram Accounts, 7 Days Case Study.

4 Brand new profiles in random niches over 7 days. this case study really shows how you can supercharge your lead getting in no matter what niche through Instagram.

Bonus 4 – Logo/Cover Photo/Display Picture Design Module

Learn to create engaging, stunning and highly converting images for free so you will never need to wait on anyone else.

These Bonuses are disappearing at the end of launch week

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