Social Control System Review and Bonuses

Vendor: Steve Benn
Product: Social Control System
Launch Date: 2014-06-12
Launch Time: 11:00 EDT
Front-End Price: $200
Official Website:
Niche: Software


What is Social Control System ??

Social Control System is a combination of advanced social training, desktop and cloud apps – designed to help marketers identify the niches with real money and low competition and the people who are most likely to create content and buy.

It is designed to allow marketers to rapidly identify:

Which niches are good to enter
Which groups and pages have real engagement
Which groups and pages have fake engagement
The people most likely to ‘like’ and share
Those most likely to reply
Those niches with the greatest commercial potential
Popular user generated content likely to go viral
The best way to connect with a niche
Cloud powered ‘prospect’ target group creation
How to get others to engage with your content – rapidly
Most importantly how to turn that ‘social control’ into leads and cash

SocialControl – Indepth…
Want More Details? Here You Go…

Social Control Front End

Comprised the desktop app, multi user license, cloud app and advanced training showing how I entered and dominated numerous niches.

The Social Search desktop app

This allows users to laser target groups, pages and people to market to. The app automatically identifies the quality of those elements, determining how genuine and valuable the niches and profiles are – as well as working out the commercial potential of any niches.

With a vast array of tools – Social Search allows users to build up marketing profiles of those people most likely to buy, like, share or comment and segment their marketing campaigns. It also pulls in the top performing content for a niche as well as determining the real intent and success of Page and Group owners.

Social Search makes finding the right niche and commercialising it easily. When combined with the Cloud app and training – entering any niche, getting the right content – both curated and auto generates becoming easy.

Social Control Cloud app

This app allows users to coordinate marketing campaigns and sync data from multiple agents or outsourcers using Social Control desktop app. Think of Social Search Cloud as being the secret HQ of any ‘Social Control’ campaign.

Social Control Training

As well as practical instruction on how to use the apps – this training also covers the technical and psychological strategies that I used to enter a number of non IM launches in 2013 and launch incredibly successful products without affiliates.

These strategies alone can make a massive difference to anyones profits.

Social Control System Features :

Discover the true value of a Facebook profile
Filter out the fake pages and fans with ease
Discover the profit potential of any page, group or niche – FAST
Reveal those people most likely to ‘like’ and share and how to engage with them
Discover and encourage those people who will create content for you
Identify the best content and viral potential in any niche – making you an instant  expert
Rapidly build up projects identifying ‘likers’,’content creators’ and engagers
Collaborate on profit building projects using the cloud app
Discover hidden patterns with the push of button to lower your advertising costs
Work faster than any other social app thanks to advanced LOD caching borrowed straight from the video game console industry
Directly export the content, people and groups that you need from the app
Refine the content you need and share it with the Facebook app
Uncover the gap between where you are and where you want to be using precise metrics
Become an overnight expert in virtually any niche you choose
Powered my non IM launches over the last year
Works on PC, Mac and Cloud

Watch the demo here :

So here is the recap:

1) What Is Social Control?
Social Control is the next generation of Facebook
marketing tool. It is like having a spy on your potential
buyers and competitors.

2) What Can I Do With Social Control?

– Find niches with real engagement and profit potential
– Helps you rule out the pages and profiles with fake
engagement and bought likes
– Find the top performing content on any page, profile or
– Discover the hidden viral predictor on every piece of
content that Facebook keeps hidden
– Reveal the top Facebook Pages and Groups any audience
has in common (great for both free and FB Ad Campaigns
– Expose exactly how your competitors are profiting – and
how you can too.
Coordinate multiple outsourced workers using the Social
Control Cloud App

3) How Do I Use Social Control?

Social Control is made up of not one app – but two! The
first is a stunning desktop app that runs on both Mac and
PC – thanks to Adobe Air. The cloud app runs in any
modern browser.

4) Does Social Control scrape Facebook IDs for Custom

No – Steve specifically designed Social Control to keep
within Facebook’s terms and conditions and keep you and
your account safe. When you see what Social Control can
do – and Steve’s results over the past year – you will
understand why scraping and custom audiences are no
longer a worry.

5) Do I Get Training With The App?

Yes – as a ‘fast action’ bonus during this launch – Steve
has included his Social Control System Masterclass
training and extensive case studies.

6) How Much Do I Need To Invest To Get Started?

All you need to do is choose the right license pack for
you – you don’t need anything else. Social Control is
designed to work with both free Facebook marketing, as
well as paid ads.

Don’t forget the massive amount of bonuses you can get
with Social Control – if you purchase right now. CLICK HERE for more review!

Social Control System Bonuses:

FB Cash Formula

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Premium FB Graphics KIT 2

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 Solo AD Blueprint

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Rich Snippets and Simple Social Expandable – WordPress Plugins

Rich Snippets
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Simple Social Expandable
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FB Redirect Pro WP Plugin

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Facebook Essential Training

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Facebook Fan Page Tips and Tricks

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FaceBook Marketing & Traffic Videos

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Facebook Apps Niche Blog

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Facebook Traffic Revised

Finally, Discover Newly Revised Strategies for Driving Traffic with Facebook Ads And Increasing Your Conversions At The Same Time…Starting Today! (Updated 2014 Version) This is a step by step video course that takes you by the hand to show you how to choose the right ad type and explode your conversions with Facebook the right way…

2 Cents Facebook Clicks

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Coding Facebook

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Facebook Friends Inviter WP Plugin

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1. “Conversation Confidence” Niche Blog

2. “Fat Loss For Women” Niche Blog

3. “Kettlebell Training” Niche Blog

4. “Keywords For Profit” Niche Blog

5. “Model Train” Niche Blog

6. “NLP Programming” Niche Blog

7. “Pregnancy Fitness” Niche Blog

8. “Soccer Training” Niche Blog

9. “Subiminal Messaging” Niche Blog

10. “Toddlers And Babies” Niche Blog

Easy SEO Ninja

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Facebook Traffic Revised

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Product Creation Mastery

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FB Cash Formula

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How To Claim Your Bonuses? Simply click the button below :

get keyword advantageComplete your order and send me your transaction to I will send the bonuses in less than 48 hours .




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