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Maulana Malik has just released his brand new product,it’s called : PowerAnimate

What is PowerAnimate ??
PowerAnimate is a brand new unique product contains of power point template that allow the user to crate animation video for their product, easy and fast! with PowerAnimate, you can easily create your own animated explainer video
in just 5 minutes.

Forget about using expensive software or any hard to use Adobe Ilustrator Templates. People won’t believe that this amazing animation video are created use nothing but powerpoint.

what’s inside the package?

+ A bunch of Animated Explainer video powerpoint
template collection (seriously, it doesn’t look like
it’s created using powerpoint!)
+ Animation ready, all animation are ready to use without editing
+ All Mascot Characthers used in explainer video
+ All – royalty free – music used in video
+ All assets (background, graphics, etc) so you can
mix and match to make your video more unique!
+ Step by step video training
+ BONUS : 50 music background for Marketing Video
+ and a lot more bonuses inside

I highly recommend you go to the page again, check it out and grab the package before it expires. You’ll get a special tool that help you to create your own animated explainer video
that helps you boost your conversion by up to 150%!

It’s exactly everything you need to get started or improve an existing online business..
it’s all here for one ridiculously low price.


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Buy Social Viral Videos

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