Bounce Drop Blueprint Review

Bounce Drop Blueprint Features

Product  :                 Bounce Drop Blueprint

Vendor :                   Glen Dahilan

Launch Date :          2014-03-29

Niche :                      SEO and Traffic

Price :                      Price: $9.99 (No OTO)

What is Bounce Drop Blueprint ??

Bounce Drop Blueprint is a series of 10 videos of step step tutorial about three critical things that can spike your bounce rate which really affects sales and conversions.

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Scope of The Bounce Drop Blueprint Videos:

 Bounce Drop Blueprint

Bounce Drop Blueprint

  • Video #1: Introduction and Quick Overview
  • Video #2: How fast does your site load?  And how to check.
  • Video #3: How to expand and speed up HTML pages
  • Video #4: How to speed up WordPress sites?  What Plugins to use?  What Settings are best for shared hosts vs. virtual private servers?
  • Video #5: Web Hosting and Content Delivery Networks – What to look for
  • Video #6: Content is key and types of content to use
  • Video #7: Where to get quality article content created
  • Video #8: Where to get quality videos created (edu-tainment)
  • Video #9: Organizing Your Content to Ensure Easy Access
  • Video #10: Site Navigation 101