WP Pro Consult 2.0 Review

WP Pro Consult 2.0 Review

Vendor:                      Pixelcrafter
Product:                     WP Pro Consult 2
Launch Date:            2014-04-07
Launch Time:           10:00 EDT
Front-End Price:     $17
Commission:            50%
Official Site :            http://wpproconsult.com/
Niche:                        Software

What is WP Pro Consult 2.0 ??

Jo Pixelcrafter, who launched the WP Lead Pro (WSO of the Day) and WP Pro Local
has just launched a great wordpress theme called “WP Pro Consult”.

Now after success with WP Pro Consult, Pixelcrafter  relaunch WP Pro Consult version 2.0. The new WP Pro ConsuIt version 2 is built from the ground up. It is moe powerfull and more flexible. It is different from other wordpress themes. It is specifically built for offline consultant to help them stand out from the crowd so they can be seen as an expert, this way they can get more clients.

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WP Pro Consult is one of the best wordpress theme in Warrior Forum, It’s The Only WordPress Theme You’ll Ever Need to Be An Offline Expert.

WP Pro Consult 2.0 Review:

Today, more and more people moving from online marketing to offline marketing because they realize that making money on their local area (offline) is easier than making money online.

They’ve seen the fact that people tend to achieve success faster on the offline world offering various services such as web design service, graphics design service, seo service to local businesses on their own area. It’s easier to outsource the work to freelancers and offering those services to local businesses than doing online marketing such as launching product on clickbank, ranking website for affiliate marketing and doing other internet marketing business model.

Moreover, since they’re offering services, they can make money almost instantly (AKA get cheque from their client upfront). This is why more and more people are falling in love with offline marketing.

With more and more people entering offline marketing, the competition grows exponentially which creates opportunity for you. Offline marketers want to stand out from the crowds so they can be seen as an expert so they get more clients.

HOWEVER, most of them are using “big agency wordpress theme” which avoid their prospects to get to know them personally. In short they desperately need YOUR help to tell them that there’s a new wordpress theme that specifically designed for Offline Consultant.

It’s called WP Pro Consult 2.0

WP Pro Consult 2.0

WP Pro Consult 2.0  is different from other wordpress themes. It is specifically built for offline consultant to help them stand out from the crowd so they can be seen as an expert, this way they can get more clients.

WP Pro Consult 2.0 Features :

You will get 33 cool features which makes WP Pro Consult
The Only WordPress Theme You’ll Ever Need to Be An Offline Expert.

Here’s the 33 cool features :
1. Powerful Layout To Boost Your Expert Status
2. Flexible layout (you can hide and/or show some area)
3. Adjustable Header Height
4. Flexible header background image
5. Upload favicon
6. Upload Logo and slogan
7. The phone number on the header
8. Unlimited color options
9. Setup link and button background and text link hover color
10. 2 slider type : Centered and Full Width
11. Set the slider border size and color
12. 2 slider effect: slide dan fade
13. 2 Slideshow Mode: Automactic & Manual slideshow
14. Slider transition delay
15. Slider area and optin form right under the top nav bar
16. Featured box
17. CTA (Call To Action) area
18. Article Area
19. Super Flexible BIG contact form (“How can We Help” form (custom widget))
20. Sidebar and footer widget enabled
21. “About Me” custom widget
22. Social media integration (custom widget)
23. Custom testimonial widget
24. Google map integration – sidebar custom widget
25. Services custom widget
26. Video custom widget (embed video)
27. 5 pages : Homepage, Services, Our Works, Testimonial, Contact Us – plus “single (blog post)”
28. Drop down menu enabled
29. SEO friendly (SEO form under the text field on the post and page)
30. Mobile friendly
31. “Full Page” template
32. Footer copyright
33. Powerful & User Friendly Theme Option Panel (save button-option saved)

So, do you really need this WP Pro Consult 2.0 theme ??

WP Pro Consult is different from other wordpress themes. It is specifically built for offline consultant like you,  to help you stand out from the crowd so you can be seen as an expert,  this way you can get more clients.

So why is this such a crazy awesome offer? :
• You will be some of the first to get in on this deal for a crazy low price
• You will get an awesome theme that specifically designed for offline consultant
• You will get the most powerful wordpress theme which has the correct layout
which will boost your positive perception FAST.
• No need to touch the coding to make simple changes
• You have the ability to setup a fully functional website with 6 page templates options.
• Your download including the theme files and video tutorials are hosted in a dedicated member area.
Jo spent $400 to build the member area using the best membership software.
• Jo has provided a dedicated support ticket system so you can easily
ask any questions if you face any difficulties using the theme
• WP Pro Consult theme is the most powerful wordpress theme for offline consultant that will allow you to :
o Built your own homepage layout by hiding or showing certain areas
o Choose unlimited color scheme you like from color wheel
o Mobile Ready
o Put video on the slider
o Powerful admin panel
o And other cool features which I will tell you more in just a minutes
• Developer rights included. Developer rights will allow you to use this theme on as many yours and clients sites.

Get WP Pro Consult  Bonuses here !

BONUS #1: UltimateOfflineLogoV1

It’s a set of 10 logo template for offline business. Inside the folder, you can find the PSD (Photoshop), the Ai (Adobe Ilustrator) and the font files. This way you can give This Ultimate Offline Logo as a bonus to your list, so they can design a logo for their offline clients or they can use it for their business.

** NOT everyone will get the bonus because I know you can
sell an logo design service and charge at least $97 per logo design project
using the “UltimateOfflineLogoV1.”

BONUS #2: OfflineLogoBuilderV1

It’s a PSD file (Photoshop) that contains a lot of layers you can use to build a custom logo.

BONUS #3: OfflineListBuildingKitV1
It contains 2 squeeze pages and 1 email templates (PSD files included)

BONUS #4: UltimateOfflineLogoV1

This is the 2nd version of the Ultimate Offline Logo Version 1 (with different niche)
It’s a set of 10 logo template for offline business. Inside the folder, you can find the PSD (Photoshop), the Ai (Adobe Ilustrator) and the font files.

How to get Bonuses??  Here’s all you have to do:

Step 1 – Clear your browser cookies FIRST. That’s how I’ll get credit for your “WP Pro Consult”purchase, which is the only way I’ll know who qualifies for the bonus.

Step 2 – Click this link to sign up. Click here !

Step 3 – After your purchase goes through, email your receipt to me at seilove95@gmail.com so I can confirm your purchase and email you information about how to access to your bonus material.

PS : Remember, only the first 50 people who order through me will get access to the bonus. Once those 50 spots are gone, that’s it.

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Fast Income Flow Review – Stupidly Simple Method To Make Money Online

Fast Income Flow – Information :

Product Name:    Fast Income Flow
Vendor:                 Frankie Torres
Official site:         http://fastincomeflow.com/
Launch Date:       2014-04-07
Launch Time:     11:00 EDT
Front-End:          $7-$10
Niche:                  Make Money
Special Offer :    Click Here

What is Fast Income Flow?

Fast Income Flow

Fast Income Flow is a course that will teach you the easy method to make money without money. Yes newbies love fast cash. So the author of Fast Income Flow is going to teach you how to make some fast cash with a stupidly simple method that he came up with to win a bet with his wife. This course not only shows you how to make fast money, but it also shows you how to scale it up to a full-time income business. What I like the most is that many new internet marketers give up because it takes long to see results from what they first try online, but with this method you can see fast results (money comes in a matter of days) and  you get the motivation to keep doing this and finally build a business that makes you money every single month.

Furthermore, in the course you will also learn how to turn this fast cash method into a steady full-time income business. This is going to drive your subscribers crazy and they won’t hesitate to click the buy button!

Fast Income Flow’s Method works no matter what country you live in. Fast Income Flow is condensed into a slim easy-to-read 30-page report which takes you by the hand and shows you step-by -step how to COPY EVERYTHING and earning success.

Check out the video below !!


Fast Income Flow has only 3 easy steps:

1. Creating a product to sell. It only took me one day to create the product for this method all from information found online!
2. Setting up the website and writing the sales letter to sell the product.
3. Promoting the product with “free Smart Offline Advertising. Simple free traffic that wants to buy what you’reselling. (You can do this in about an hour!)

Fast Income Flow Features :

The complete simple step-by-step method. (The exact method I used to make $196!)
The exact niche (target market) I chose to make my $196 to win the bet! (Why I chose it.)
Why this method CANNOT be saturated even if I share with you my niche and my method.
How to setup a simple website. (All without spending more than $20 for a domain name + hosting.)
What “smart offline advertising” is and why this is the right kind of advertising for a limited budget.
How to repeat this method over and over to make a long term income! (How to earn a steady income.)
How to build a list of buyers the easy way. (This is not required, but helps with making easy recurring sales!)
How to combine online with offline for easy fast money! (Do this only if you want to earn more money.)
How to choose the right niche to make sure you make money. (This is where most people sadly go wrong.)
How to ramp up this simple method with dozens of products to earn a full time income!
And many more of little known offline and online marketing secrets!


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IM Starter Pack Review

IM Starter Pack – Information :

Product Name:  IM Starter

Official site: http://imstarterpack.com/

Vendor:Partners to Success
Launch Date: 2014-04-29
Launch Time: 10:00 EDT
Front-End Price: $10
Niche: List Building
Special Offer : Click Here

IM Starter Pack

What is IM Starter ?

IM Starter Pack is a special collection of top quality products that we have put together in a Special Deal format at a Huge Discount. Each product covers a different area of Internet Marketing and together give your customers a fantastic set of tools that they can use to get results.

IM Starter Pack Features :

SalesLetter ABC
Fast Product Creation
Breakthrough List Building
Social Media Spiders Web
Simple Video Supremacy
30 Day Traffic Flow