Backlink Skyrocket 2.0 Review

Backlink Skyrocket 2.0 Review

Vendor:                      Dan Lew
Product:                     Backlink Skyrocket 2.0
Launch Date:            2014-04-10
Launch Time:           09:00 EDT
Front-End Price:      $47
Official Site :   
Niche:                         SEO & Traffic


Backlink Skyrocket 2.0 Review

Since backlink strategies are always changing according to Googles new rules the founders over at Backlink Skyrocket discovered its best to provide a more evergreen backlink and so Backlink Skyrocket 2.0 was born!

Over selling more then 5000 copies since 2012 and a proven track record that this product worked. It was still time to go back to thee drawing board and make sure their existing customers would get the results along with the times.

With Backlink Skyrocket 2.0 they took automation but at the same time looking totally natural in Googles eyes to a whole new level.

Their process involves strategically allowing the user to post rich content to the Social Hubs getting unlimited Social Signal backlink juice which everyone is raving on about these days plus rich content posts on social networks which are crawlable by Google and then getting backlinks to those pages.

It also uses a 2 tier system with no track backs ensuring nothing is leaked which looks unnatural.

Backlink Skyrocket 2.0 Main Features
Here are just some of the pointers Backlink Skyrocket 2.0 can do:

– Cutting Edge Web Based “Cloud” Submission System
– Easy to Use Account Creation Software
– Unlimited Projects, Scheduling & Drip Feeding
– Link Indexing, Rank Tracking, Link Wheels & Pyramids
– Article Scraping & Auto-Content Syndication System
– 2 Tier Link System

If you like getting natural, slow and steady links which are drip fed enabling
your sites to rank in top of Google without putting much work in, then you are going to love the new version. The 2.0 has been redeveloped from scratch and is nothing like the original. This is a web based browser software, so no need to install any desktop programmers.

Watch the demo here :

Backlink Skyrocket 2.0 the Funnel:

FE: 47/monthly or 97/monthly

SEO Domination Suite
– OTO1: $127
– DOWNOTO1: $97

7 Figure SEO System
-OTO2: $297
-DOWNOTO2: $247

Elite Enterprise Package
(Lifetime Access + Access to Both OTOs)
OTO3: $497

Click images for more detail !

Backlink Skyrocket 2.0 funnel  Backlink Skyrocket 2.0 funnel2This is a limited offer, so make sure you grab this while the price is low:

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SEO Stone WP Plugin (Valued at $67)

Evaluate your blog pages in style with this easy to use WP plugin! One simple change can get you obsessed about your SEO efforts. Increase your SEO productivity right now with one WordPress Plugin.


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keyword swarm wp plugin

Keyword Swarm WP Plugin (Valued at $47)

Increase your conversions & boost your revenues by studying your site visitors in real time as they browse your WordPress posts! This WP Plugins comes packed with 23 exciting features and will give you tons of demographic data about your site visitors


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Keyword Swarm WP Plugin Review

Keyword Swarm

Product Creator: Vas Blagodarskiy
Product Name : Keyword Swarm
Niche: SEO & Traffic
Launch Time: 2014-04-07, 11:00 EDT

What is Keyword Swarm ??

Keyword Swarm is a WordPress plugin that color-codes good and bad statistics for you. It’s so easy to use! This software helps you understand your visitors. The good news that is a one-time sort of thing, and you get an unlimited license for unlimited sites.

Keyword Swarm Review

One of the hardest parts of internet marketing is split testing.So how in the world should you treat your traffic information? There is a lot of data crunching involved. When I started, I hoped someone could do it all for me. I was not a math wiz and I did not know what all the percentages and ratios meant.

Watch this video before continue !!

Keyword Swarm Main Features :

It tells you where you get your traffic from instantly
It shows geo-located pinpoints of your visitors’ origin
It shows you their browser, OS, plus much more
It’s so user friendly! Try it for yourself – the sale ends soon

Keyword Swarm top 10 favorite functions :

Uncover meaningful traffic patterns in seconds
Separate new visitors from returning customers
Monitor actions,events and even mouse moves
Track referrers, search engines, social networks
Record email campagns, conversions, downloads
See a world map of your traffic in real time
Detects users’ browsers and operating systems
IP Geolocation Technology Pinpoints traffic origin
Supports W3 Total Cache, WP SuperCache and HyperCache
Works with all e-commerce plugins

Here are the other 13 exciting things that it does:

Distinguishes multiple unique user who share the same IP ( based on device MAC address)
Available in multiple languages
Provides a detailed log of real-time activities
MaxMind-enabled feolocation service ( optional; must purchase separate subscription via
Works seamlessly even with tablet and mobile web enabled devices
Define custom filters for all of your reports
Label IP addresses that correspond to certain patterns (” My iPhone,” ” Spammer, ” etc..)
A separate database means Keyword Swarm is a standalone solution, not part of your main WP MySQL place
Saves .csv files( comma- separated values) to be opened with Excel later
Special ” User Map ” report lets you get an up- to- the minute snapshot of your curenty registered users
IP2Location spots visitors’ county, region, city, ZIP code, time zone, area code and geographical coordinates
Reports made in HTML5
Requires under 50MB of disk space, under 5MB pf RAM and under 100MB of database space

Keyword Swarm Price

Keyword Swarm WP Plugin cost $17, An extremely high quality product for your business. Well the only trick on this will be that it will be available for a very short period of time (LIMITED TIME OFFER). Then the price will rise to $47 automatically. I think this is really an affordable price for an awesome product that could help you do many boring job and save tons of time on your website.

Thanks for reading our Keyword Swarm Review. But if you want to buy Keyword Swarm WP Plugin click the button below !!Buy Keyword Swarm



Extra 1K Income Program – Truth Review

Extra 1K Income Review

Vendor:                  Davis Lex
Product:                 Extra 1K Income
Launch Date:        2014-04-08
Launch Time:       10:00 EDT
Front-End Price: $10
JV Page:      
Niche:                    General

What is Extra 1K Income Program??

Extra 1K Income is an extremely comprehensive training program on how to start a side business selling services by outsourcing all the work and profiting the difference! The unique selling point is that you don’t need any starting capital, or skills to make this business work – And all you need is just 1 hour per day to make an extra $1,000 per month!

This program is absolutely jampacked with content and not fluff. There are several components that make up Extra 1K Income and every single one is worth its weight in gold. Here’s what you get in the Extra 1K Income Program:

– For starter’s the main course is a whopping 128-pages PDF file. It is extremely comprehensive and covers everything on how you can start a service business and make money WITHOUT any money!

– Then you also have the Action Plan guide that will literally give you a Step-by-Step walk through on what you have to do next so there is absolutely no guess-work on your end. Just follow the actionable steps and you can’t go wrong!

– Next you are given the Plan Your Time guide on how to find more time in your day to work on your business. If you think you have no time to work on a side business, think again, because this guide will help you unearth and discover time you never knew you had. And the best part is that you only need an hour each day to make this business work!

– You will also be given the Email template that has been proven to generate thousands of sales and it’s really as easy as copy, past, fill in the blanks! Very simple and effective.

– If you think that’s it then you’re wrong. The Extra 1K Income course has also provided the very invoice that has been used to bill real clients. No more scratching  your head to think how to create an invoice. Just use the invoice template given and fill in the blanks!

– And last but not least, you are given a beautifully created “1-2-3 Goal!” Worksheet to complete. This worksheet has been carefully designed to give you the best chance of achieving your goal. In fact, it is a proven formula for you to achieve your goals. You have to write 1 Goal, 2 emotionally compelling reasons on why you must achieve that goal, and 3 immediate action steps to take to achieve that goal. I’ve never seen such a powerful formula ever before, and all you have to do is write it out and paste it on your wall! It is extremely effective!

I want to talk about the impression I had on the PDF course when I first got my hands on it. The first impression I got was “This is so beautifully formatted and it looks so professional!” I can see that the author have clearly put in much effort into the way it is designed graphically to give me a great user experience. Just by looking at it, you can clearly see that it is way different than the other crap products out there. This is clearly above the rest.

Next, when I read the course, I was amazed at how detailed it was! Everything was clearly explained and I was introduced to some new powerful concepts that I have never thought of before!

I can tell you that with this course, it is impossible not to make money with it. Why? Because it is so logical. First, the course teaches you to find a service that is already in demand. Next, just find people who already need the service and sell it to them!

At first I had questions as to what service I should provide because I do not have any skills that I think I can sell. But this course cleverly taught me one method – You just have to find someone else with the skill and get them to do it for you. It is so much simpler than you think! I also thought that for this kind of business, you might have some risk like what if you paid for the service but your client doesn’t want it. Extra 1K Income course teaches a way that you can do this business with NO MONEY DOWN! I just simply love it. I didn’t realize how easy it was to literally make money out of thin air! It is so simple!

If you think that starting a service business is hard or even to create an extra stream of income is hard, think again. In Davis Lex’s course, he advocates that we must NEVER rely on just one income stream. Relying on one income stream is just too risky and it’s not smart. With this course, Davis has empowered me to be capable of earning an extra income WITHOUT any money and therefore no risk! Now if I were to lose my job, I wouldn’t be afraid because this knowledge that I have can serve me forever.

I can now choose to make money whenever I want, and best of all, I can make money as quickly as the next few hours.

Overall this course gets the highest rating from me. Why? Because this product is clearly the real deal. Oh, and I forgot to mention that there is an option to buy an actual case study showcasing all the sales, conversations and transactions made by Davis’ wife! It was a no-brainer decision for me to buy it because if I can see exactly what he did, then I can follow it and replicate the same success myself!

The case study is just priceless….It details the transactions and even client negotiations to finally land the deal. I have never seen anyone reveal a case study so detailed and intimate before. It is literally like watching over the business’ back and seeing everything unfold by itself. If you have never made a sale before, then you MUST get the case study. If you can’t make money after seeing the case study, then nothing will.

Oh and did I mention that the case study comes with 2 additional Bonuses?!?! Davis gives 2 additional ways of making an extra income that is not related to the service business. One is to make quick money by getting free stuff, that I must say, I wish he didn’t reveal this because I want it all for myself! And the other is to make money by hosting an event. The 2 bonuses coupled with the main course has given me so many ways to make an extra income that having difficult making money online is no longer an issue for me anymore!

If you are still banging your head against the wall and thinking of how you can quickly make money online the legit and logical way, then this is definitely the answer for you. Coupled with a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee, you have absolutely nothing to lose. So I strongly urge you to go get yourself a copy now.

Get Extra 1K Income here !Extra 1K Income

Summary Extra 1K Income  :

Mindset Module – Essential mind training you need to create and sustain your own business.
Strategies & Tactics Module – The exact methods I use to make money in this business. Nothing in here is fluff.
Troubleshooting Manual – Helps resolve every single problem in the business that one may face.
1-2-3 Goal! Worksheet – The proven formula to help achieve goals faster and easier.
Plan Your Time Module – A powerful time management module to find more time out of your existing schedule.
Email Script Template – The exact email script used to get my clients.
Invoice Template – The exact invoice used to issue to my clients.