Moonpixlar Review + Bonuses

Moonpixlar is going to help make creating marketing graphics or just about any kind of social media branding a breeze.With over 1,200 templates to get you started, all you need do is select any of the templates (In different niches, add text, customize, and BOOM, you have a perfect Facebook fan page cover, banner, or literally any kind of graphic ready in seconds.


All without having to waste hundreds of dollars on outsourcers or spend hours,  trying to design using Photoshop. This couldn’t be any simpler.

If you know how to click your mouse, all you need do is ‘’drag and drop’’ and you can literally create any kind of graphic in minutes

See it in action :

MoonPixlar enables You To Create:

[+] Beautiful Facebook covers
[+] Website headers
[+] Banners Flyers, business cards
[+] Facebook posts Google posts
[+] Infographics
[+] Blog post graphics
[+] Pinterest Pins
[+] Facebook ads
[+]Youtube channel art
[+] and more all within one platform!

This is a software every entrepreneur & online marketers should have in their  arsenal to quickly & easily design your marketing graphics!

There has NEVER been an easier way for you to brand yourself as an  EXPERT in your industry online through custom graphics than with MoonPixlar!
You’re going to LOVE it!
I’ve also got some LIMITED time bonuses you can check out here:

Moonpixlar Bonuses

Bonus#1 – 500 Premium Background images
Bonus#2 – Pinterest Perfection
Bonus#3 – 27 Eye Catching Facebook Ad Images


Marketing Minisite Template ($17 VALUE)

Marketing Minisite Template – Beautiful Minisite Template For Your Marketing Needs…

Website Graphics ($15,5 VALUE)

Collections of website graphics for your marketing needs…

Animated Video Squeeze Pages ($27 VALUE)

Effortlessly catapult your opt-in conversions by 400% or more! Comes With Opt In Videos, Reports, Squeeze Pages, Mobile Squeeze, PSDs & Bonuses…

EZ Ebook Templates ($15 VALUE)

Grab  Professional Ebook Template Design Layout Package In A Variety Of Brilliant Colors! This All New EZ Ebook Template Package Is The One Product You Need To Start Stylizing Your Drab & Dreary Ebooks Into Beautiful Works Of Art!

Simple Steps How to Claim Moonpixlar Bonus.

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STEP #2. After completing your order  CLICK HERE for the bonus confirmation !

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What Is eCom Empire?

This is a exclusive indepth step by step, look “over the shoulder” course on how anyone can make 4 to 5 figures per month passively with Shopify.

Best part about this course is that you can do this without having any experience or tech skills at all. It always work in a logical, do this, do that – get results format. And this one is no different!

The software compliments the frontend end by making your life easier and speeding up student results by ten fold.

The main front end course is taught by Mehdi Tihani & Bill Hugall, who are underground super affiliates currently doing $50k+ a month with shopify (with their very own fresh unique strategy.) When you see the quality of the content in the members area, you’re definitely going to be blown away.

What really makes it different and seperates it from any other e-Com course out there is its logical step by step style of training.

Do this, do that – get results!

Unlike all the other courses you see out on the market right now, which is mainly just powerpoint slide teaching. It does things differently by taking students through everything “over the shoulder – step by step” live, covering the basics, with real life case studys, and everything in between.The end result is to have their very own shopify store (all set up and running successfully).

Here’s A Quick Overview of What You Will Be Learning :

-Learn how to set up profitable stores that convert like gangsters and generate passive income at will.

-How to laser target your audience so that they are instantly ready to buy on demand.

-How to do niche research the correct and most efficient way, so that you are not losing money on FB ads when testing.

-How to properly craft the PERFECT ad for e-commerce on FB for mega profits.

-Learn which type of ads can get you in legal trouble and how to avoid them completely.

-The ESSENTIAL components needed for your success on Shopify.

-Learn which products you can dropship without you being in charge of inventory or shipping

-Learn how to properly test your ads and knowing within 2 days if your ad is a winner

-How to scale to the moon while keeping your ROI consistent every single day

-How to make it completely hands-off and outsource your Shopify business so that you don’t have to do any work
-It’s designed  to make it as simple as possible to follow, implement, and get a successful store running (that can potentially generate 4 to 5 figures + per month passively).

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Exclusive Gift #1

Normal Retail value: $47Free With eComEmpire!

110 Top Shopify Niches

You’ll discover the most profitable sought after niches to sell on shopfiy right now. Don’t waste time in niches that will never turn a ROI for you. Start cashing in for real, right from the get go! . 

 Exclusive Gift #2

Normal Retail value: $97… Free With eComEmpire!

 Instagram Traffic

For the first time ever… You’ll learn how to use Instagram to create a viral buzz for your products that are people who are going to go crazy for… See Instagram followers differ to Facebook users, since they will see every single post you write, bringing in traffic, and when you master a few golden never before seen secrets, you’ll be MILES AHEAD of the competition. 

 Exclusive Gift #3

Live Training Webinar

You’ll get a full live training webinar covering the latest tips, tricks on getting started and making even more money with your shopify stores. You can also ask us anything live on call – and as skilled experts in our craft – we’ll be there to answer your questions. eComEmpire!

 Exclusive Gift #4

Product Types You Can Sell

Get a head start, with this informative guide that lists all the types of products that are selling and in demand.

Simple Steps How to Claim eCOM EMPIRE Bonus.

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P1 Targeting App Review + BONUS

Watch This Short Demonstration Video…



*All the bonuses will be instantly delivered along with your access to the P1 Targeting App

Here Are 3 Simple Steps To Find Thousands Of Keyword Ideas In Any Niche Market Online :



Enter A Few Targeting Ideas In The Search Box And Do The Search

The moment you’ll hit the ‘Find Keywords’ button, P1 Targeting App will connect to a bunch of sources such as…

And will return thousands of keyword ideas for you…


Spy Your Competition In Google For More Keyword Ideas

Next, click the ‘Spy competition’ button for any keyword in the P1 Targeting App and it will instantly get UNIQUE keyword ideas directly from your #1 competitor in Google.

There is simply no faster way for you to get a complete list of keywords in any niche market you want to dominate.


Select The Most Lucrative & Easy-To-Rank Keywords In Your Niche

With our state-of-art, super fast filtering system it takes just a few seconds to find lucrative keywords in your niche.

*All the bonuses will be instantly delivered along with your access to the P1 Targeting App




If you buy P1 Targeting App Enterprise level today, in addition to everything you will find on the P1 Targeting App offer page…

…I am also going to through in some pretty SPECTACULAR bonuses.

Here they are:

Bonus #1: D.F.Y. Niche Markets

 With P1 Targeting App you’re getting the most cutting-edge keyword research system available today. With the D.F.Y. Niche Markets you will get 25 MOST PROFITABLE niches in 2015/2016 – this is where the most money is being made today!

Just run these niche markets through P1 Targeting App and launch your first or next 4-5 figure campaign today!

Bonus #2: D.F.Y. Niche Marketing Pages

This BONUS is worth gold. Imagine…What if you could take 25 most profitable niches and quickly turn them to 25 4-figure marketing campaigns? It would be awesome, right?

Well, with the D.F.Y. Niche Marketing Pages you can do exactly that.


As soon as you will complete the purchase of P1 Targeting App Enterprise level, you will get an instant access to…

25 CUSTOM DESIGN marketing pages – each for respective niche market!

This bonus gives you an enormous advantage, because now you can explore any of the 25 niches without worrying about the setup and design.

More HOT campaigns = more money in your bank account!


Bonus #3: PG Content Marketing Rolodex


Content is a BIG part of SEO, which is why PG Content Marketing Rolodex will prove to be a vital element when it comes to getting high value content for your site.

As part of the PG Content Marketing Rolodex you will get:

  • Headline Cheatsheet – a proven and time tested headlines that you can use on your own website regardless of the niche. Just replace [BLANK] part with your targeted keywords and you have a perfect, SEO optimized and highly compelling title
  • Content Order Template + Methodology – a simple system that will allow you to get predictable content regardless of where you outsource your content writing.
  • Fiverr Content Source – after testing over 50 different SEO content writers on Fiverr, we have found the best. So with this part of the PG Content Marketing Rolodex you will get TOP 5 content writers on Fiverr.