Optin Designer Review

What is Optin Designer?

Optin Designer is the webs first true drag and drop optin form and popup builder. Users can drag and drop elements, right down to the exact pixel, and that is how they will look in the browser.


Optin Designer

Optin Designer

The recent hugely popular page building apps are all responsive and allow you to drop elements into a specific framework. With Optin Designer, that is not really necessary because optin forms are usually quite small, and look good on all devices. This allows the app to give the user 100% freeform control on everything.

With 30 Front End Templates and 20 more in the Upgrade, to give a total of 50, your customers will be delighted you recommended Optin Designer to them, and it will compliment perfectly any of the wordpress based plugins and themes they use for page building.

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Optin Designer Features

– 50 Templates

You will have almost limitless design options with  50 templates (30 FE, 20 OTO) or template builder to make their own.
– Massive Time Saver

Optin Design is hosted in the cloud. You have nothing to download or install – just log in, and they can be done in minutes.
– Multi-use Options

Users can embed their form, make it a timed overlay, make it an exit popup, use it as a 2 step optin with a button….MUCH more than only an optin form builder.
–   2-Step Optin Button

“2 step optin” is where the form opens from a button to max out conversions. That is built right into Optin Designer.
– WordPress Compatible

Although Optin Designer is in the cloud, I know how big a marketing angle WordPress is. For that reason, the include code can be dropped into WP no problem.

– Timed Popup Generator

Drop in a simple line of code and you immediately add the optin form as an overlay popup, complete with timer.

– REAL Drag & Drop

It’s not “drag and drop” into a framework, it’s right onto a canvas….like ‘drawing’ their optin form –  huge selling point.
-Built-in Split Testing

No matter what you build, you should split test to see what works best. Optin Designer has a built-in split test function. Just make your form, then set it up to see what converts.
– Autoresponder Integration

Fully integrated with the “big 3″ AR’s: aweber, getresponse and mailchimp, with a lot more to be added soon.
–  Exit Pop Ups

You can use the same optin form in many locations. One code snippet can be added and right away, the optin becomes an exit popup.

And Much more…

Watch the demo below :

You will get 30 Templates :

Optin Designer Bonus


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WP Call Directory (worth $37)

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Simple Steps How to Claim Optin Designer Bonus.

STEP #1. Buy  Optin Designer through my link >> CLICK HERE!
STEP #2. After completing your order  CLICK HERE for the bonus confirmation !

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at : admin@productreviewsbonus.com

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