LiveChime Review

LiveChime Overview

Vendor: LiveChime
Product: Intercept Marketing
Launch Date: 2014-12-14
Launch Time: 12:00 EST
Front-End Price: $21
Niche: Software

LiveChime Review

We all know by now that the more engaged a website visitor is the better the chance of making a sale. With LiveChime’s Set It and Forget It software you are able to set up unlimited engagement links and talk to your visitor whenever they want. It works everywhere: your website, your blog, eBay, Amazon, Craigslist,etc.


LiveChime Review

What is LiveChime ??

LiveChime is a patented one of a kind live chat system . It provides you with a free, personalized chat link that can be placed in any email marketing, web page, or classified listing. When a prospective buyer clicks the link, you are automatically notified, via email, mobile, and on, that someone is interested in chatting. You can respond, in real time, online or via smart phone.

With LiveChime, you can instantly chat with a potential buyer. LiveChime offers more anonymity than a phone call and more immediacy than email. It enables live communication in a way that is not intimidating for the buyer to take the first step and make contact.

-By using advanced technology from LiveChime you will accelerate your sales by up to 300%.

-Connect with customers and instantly sell more online.

-Set it up once – It Takes 15 Minutes — and get constant new contacts all year.

-LiveChime links gain More Leads
-Unlimited Pages and Keywords
-Automatic Lead Capture that Builds Your Database

LiveChime Features

– Engage

Chat with customers from your desktop or any mobile device.
person two

– Create Automatic Callbacks.

Automatically reach out to new leads and get them to call you when they are ready.

– Capture Missed Opps.

Never miss a lead. Capture contact information, product interest, and visitor demographics.

– Just Like You’re There

During your conversation, share videos, web pages, and pictures to help make your sale.

For more information about LiveChime click here !

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