iPocket Video Review and Bonus

About iPocket Video

. Creator: Joey Xoto
. Product: iPocket Video
. Launch Day : 2014–10–16
. Launch Time : 11:00 EDT
. Price : $17-$27

What is iPocket Video ??

iPocket Video is a brand new video making course developed by prominent marketer Joey Xoto.  The course is designed to give the user a Step-by-Step system for creating high-converting, high-quality videos with just using your iphone or android powered smartphone.This allows users to create powerful videos in minutes, while saving hundreds of dollars on expensive video producing software and equipment.

iPocket Video Review

Joey Xoto’s iPocket Video show in full detail, how you can film elite quality videos with nothing more than your iPhone. That puts everyone on an even playing field, because we all KNOW that video can double or triple your conversion rate.

Video can open you up to new audiences. And video can make you an authority very quickly. Now, anyone can take advantage of this.

Just follow the easy steps inside iPocket Video.

iPocket Video is all about making professional looking videos on the iPhone. It is awesome. But… Well, you need an iPhone to use it (obviously). But even if you do not have one, it would be cheaper to get an iPhone, and iPocket Video than splashing out on outsourcing your video creation or a bunch of tools and pricey editing software.

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Inside iPocket Video

Module 1

Create videos which look like they were Shot on $2,000.00 cameras
Stand out from the competition, convert higher, and get potential customers begging you to create videos for them with these little known secrets which will transform drab, low-quality phone videos into stunning works of art.
The best part? It takes about 15 seconds of “work” on your part to achieve this.
High quality cinematic footage with your smartphone

Module 2
5 steps you must take to make sure great filming before you begin
Ever put time & effort into filming a video, just to really need to re-film it?
These 5 steps will virtually make sure that this never occurs to you again.
Take these simple steps & save money, boost conversions & boost your sales!

Module 3

Crisp, perfect audio
Good quality audios are proven to boost viewer retention & conversions. You will see the simple way to get high quality and professional sounding audio

Module 4

The best way to record entirely hands-free you have the tools already! A neat little hack on how to begin & stop recording from your smartphone without ever touching the mobiphone. This lets you control recording from distance & prevents shaky footage. You already have the 1 simple tool it takes to do this.

Module 5

Make stunning depth of field shots
The holy grail of video is a focused subject & a blurred background.
Most people think only expensive gear can complete this, but you’ll find out how to get a similar effect on your smartphone.

Module 6

Stable shots made very easy
Shaky footage instantly gives off an “amateur” vibe.
Luckily, you’ll find out how to make sure stable filming even as you hold the camera.
That is right, no tripod necessary!

Module 7

Look like a million bucks, with one simple trick
Wide-angle videos instantly indicate higher quality and boost retention & conversions.
They also make filming much more easier & subjects more flattering.
While others invest in expensive cameras & lenses to achieve this, I will reveal a simple inexpensive tool that’ll create the exact same effect on your smartphone.

Module 8

Guarantee perfect, steady exposure & focus every time you film on your phone.
See how I make sure that all of the smartphone’s traditional problems with exposure & focus disappear.You will also have the power to manage the white balance, manipulate the light source, and shoot in slow motion, sped-up motion, and more.

Module 9

My professional phone filming setup
Now you can obtain the same ultra high quality videos that I do, all from your smartphone.
Tap into all of the tools in my personal arsenal for shooting professional videos on my phone.

For more information about iPocket Video go to the official website here !

iPocket Video Bonus



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