We all know that video marketing is BOOMING. In fact, 92% of the top selling products on clickbank (the largest digital marketplace online), uses Videos.

And, almost every single one of them is using a professional spokesperson presenting it, regardless of the niche, or regardless of the product.

Bottom line is this: Video Makering WORKS!

The only problem is ,even though there have been launched a TON of video creation tools in the past few months , they are only helping you to create videos!


Imagine you could make $80k+ each month from your video marketing campaigns

[+] Having Professional Actors on top of all your videos
[+] Transforming any underperforming video into a 5,6 or 7
figure income stream
[+] Customizing Your Videos for maximum CONVERSION
[+] Having Professional Actors Closing The Deals For You
[+] and more …

For the first time ever you’ll be able to transform your boring videos into VIDEOS THAT WORK, in under 10 seconds FLAT!

Check out this awesome VIDEO LEAD STUDIO demo to learn more !

It doesn’t even matter what product or service you’re trying to sell. You’ll have a Drag & Drop, done-for-you Video Marketing Machine, that will allow you to run extremely profitable video marketing campaigns, extremely fast and with extremely little effort.
video lead studio

Video Lead Studio Features :

– Powerful software that will transform your videos
in under 30 seconds flat
– 40+ Professional Intros and Outros that are PROVEN
to get insane ENGAGEMENT and 10X your conversion rates;
– A VAST Collection of Motion & Static Backgrounds to make
your videos look even better;
– Automatic audio calibration for all your videos;
– Easy-to-use: This effective software is so easy to use
that even newbies can use it without getting lost!
– Extensive training on how to sell more with your videos
– ++++ more

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Video Vibe PRO Review + Bonus

Video Vibe Pro is all in one niche video marketing suite that lets you do everything you need to market with video, both socially and organically via the search engines (with just a few clicks of the mouse). This simple to use application works with both mac and PC – and you can be up and running with beautiful profit sucking videos in record breaking time.

You are able to pick a niche related offer to promote based on any keyword entered, or just skip straight to making niche videos. Then, you can create a full blown professional niche related video around any of the main niches.

And now for the super powerful part.. this unique system will then automate hungry buying traffic to these videos by uploading them to the top sharing video sites, sharing them on multiple social sharing sites (FaceBook, Twitter etc) and on top of all that… the  software will then syndicate videos to the  super high traffic network (real human visitors) consisiting with hoards of super authority domains.

The whole system was built to save you hoards of time and money. No more paying unreliable outsourcers. With Video Vibe Pro ,you’ll be able to do everything you need to profit wildly with videos, and again, all with just a few clicks of the mouse.

SO IN SHORT, VIDEO VIBE Pro Works In 3 easy simple steps :


Here’s a quick overview of what Video Vibe does:

-Creates simple and powerful pre-sell and sales videos

-Live recording from camera and audio

-Creates videos in full HD, exports them in record time

-Music, beautiful backgrounds, extra icons and even more profit suckng features

-Syndicates your video to 100+ high PR blogs for mass exposure and easy search rankings.

-Allows you to search for relevant affiliate offers based on any keyword entered.

-Takes your video marketing business to the next level in short order.

-It saves you precious time! Works both on Mac and Windows.

-Gallery of premade images/audio clips/ to use within the software.

– Social sharing features

See it in Action :

And going further into the video marketing side of things, it’s designed Video Vibe Pro to make it “click mouse simple” to research, build, get social traffic and even rank a video page 1 on Google.

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Video Vibe PRO Bonus

Exclusive Gift #1

You Tube Channels For Dummies

(Normal Retail value: $97Free With VideoVibePro)

Learn to create your own channel on YouTube by following our powerful videos on exactly what you need to do, step by step… Video advertising is the hot buzz of the industry right now, and when you combine that with niche marketing – you’ll get a jump start and be miles ahead of the competition. 


 Exclusive Gift #2

Social Account 101 

(Normal Retail value: $97Free With VideoVibePro)

   Discover the core steps behind creating massively profitable social campaigns with Vide Vibe Pro. Follow our straight to the point mastery course on how to set up your social accounts correctly and effectively. Once you’ve been through this training, you’ll be profiting with YouTube faster than ever before. 

 Exclusive Gift #3

 Click Bank RoloDex Version 1  

   Look, if you knew the exact products that we’ve made thousands upon thousands of dollars with… within our own niche video marketing, would you be interested? Get the low down on the exact products we’ve promoted with our videos using Vide Vibe Pro. These are guaranteed to convert and guaranteed to make you bank!

 Exclusive Gift #4

Click Bank RoloDex Version 2  

   And this is the follow up to version 1, with even more products that we’ve successfully promoted as niche marketers. That means in short, guaranteed conversions when you get traffic to your own videos with Video Vibe Pro!

  Exclusive Gift #5

Video Boot Camp

   What if you knew EXACTLY how to rank your videos on all of the search engines? What would you do with the videos you create with Vide Vibe Pro? To us, the answer is simple… you’d take your traffic to a BIGGER level, and leverage natural search for a double whammy explosion of niche buying traffic! That’s exactly what our Video Bootcamp course will teach you to do, in great detail, step by step – with PROVEN examples!  


Web Video Tips ($17 VALUE)

Want To Know A Secret? Presenting, An Internet Marketing Strategy So Powerful That It Can Increase Your Conversion Rate By As Much As 400%. This e-guide is a comprehensive work that aims to teach you how to build and publish your own videos. It doesn’t matter if you have never blogged before. This e-guide will teach you the very basics, as well as many advanced strategies that will help you maximize your video experience.

Creating Video Products For Clickbank

($27 VALUE)

Mastering Video Product Creation and Doubling Your Conversions and Profits in Clickbank . Absolutely Everything You Need To Know To Master Clickbank And Be A Success Right At Your Fingertips

Video Marketing Gold ($10 VALUE)

Video Marketing Gold is designed for anyone who is new to video and wants to quickly learn how to get started with video marketing FAST. It’s not an advanced guide containing complex information that you won’t be able to understand – It’s a simple ‘no fluff’ report that will show you exactly what you need to know.

Turbo Video Genie ($7 VALUE)

How Can You Make High Quality Videos
Without Paying Any Fees?
Put Up A Few Quality Review Videos And You Can Earn Up To $882 Per Video In Passive Income EVERY MONTH! Turbo Video Genie is an easy to use Video Creation Software…

Micro Video Marketing ($7 VALUE)


Discover the next big thing to come along that will get a boatload of new subscribers and sales in just 6 seconds…

Earn $200 A Day With Videos ($9 VALUE)

Secrets On How To Get Paid $200 A Day With Videos…

Beginners Online Video Marketing Tips ($7 VALUE)


Beginners Online Video Marketing Tips – Learn How You Can Increase Your Online Video Skills Today…

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WP Scope Plugin Review

If you have a blog you’ve been running for a while, then there is no doubt you have a lot of value packed content, and now there is a really cool new way to take that content and get an instant audience of thousands of people. How?

A New service called Periscope allows you to do live video streaming straight from your phone, and since it integrates with Twitter you can get tons of people jumping on to check out your content.

So, how does it all work?

1. Pick the content you want to talk about.
2. Download the app, and hit broadcast on your phone.
3. Make sure it’s pointing the right away…

You then can have a live presentation of your content, and people can interact with you.

The downside is that Periscope only keeps recordings for 24 hours, but there is a powerful new WP plugin call WP Scope that will allow you to capture yours or anyone else’s Periscope broadcast and use it on your blog.

Simply put, WP Scope is the ONLY completely turn-key solution for publishing fresh, hot, trending video content, magnetically drawing leads and sales from a brand new and untapped platform… Periscope!

This isn’t your ordinary ‘viral marketing’ plugin. This is a cutting edge, ground level content and traffic (from multiple sources) tool that solves a VERY common problem with Periscope… how to benefit from your ‘scopes’ long after you have held them and how to monetize the crap out of them in the process.

Watch the video to see it in action:

Here is a sample of what you can do:

1. Use it to build your own personal brand creating a high-level following from your audience and get raving fans;

2. Develop niche authority sites that focus on a topic and have tons of unique, high quality content on your site instantly;

3. Get more social media interaction, so you can generate a ton of fresh leads, instant sales, and new cash flowing in the door on a regular basis.

Cindy (the creator) has a great ‘explain it all’ video where she breaks it down into simple, easy to understand steps, so even if you never heard of Periscope before you will want to check this out.

WP Scope Bonus

Exclusive Gift #1

Traffic Mastermind (Retail value: $27, Free With WP Scope)

Learn the proven free traffic strategies that really work and your online business everyday. Strategies for getting onto high-traffic blogs across the web (no one talks about this but it drives traffic like magic). Proven ways to get powerful industry leaders to promote your offer – Even top JV brokers don’t know about this!

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Paid Traffic Profits (Retail value: $37, Free With WP Scope)

Discover the best paid traffic methods & strategies used by rich marketers because they get results fast.Get high quality targeted traffic coming to your sites and offers within hours, or even minutes, not months!.

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Video Marketing Hack (Retail value: $27, Free With WP Scope)

Discover the secrets of using videos to draw massive traffic, grow your list and boost profits with ease. Videos are the new up and coming source of traffic, leads and profits. Learn how to tap into then and explode your online business income immmediately.

Exclusive Gift #4

Video Rank Alliance (Retail value: $27, Free With WP Scope)

Are you struggling to get targeted traffic to your videos? Here’s the secret formula that we’re using to get #1 rankings & traffic to our videos in as little as 24 hours!

Since Youtube and other vídeo channels appeared on the internet a lot of people had changed their way of connecting with their audiences.

Exclusive Gift #5

Secret Instant Traffic Sources (Retail value: $47, Free With WP Scope)

Learn the helpful tips and tricks for driving huge amounts of traffic using 5 instant traffic sources!

Exclusive Gift #6

Video Marketing Blueprint (Retail value: $27, Free With WP Scope)

Discover how to use videos to market their business and generate massive leads and you don’t need amazing video making or recording skills to begin.

How to Claim Your BONUSES!

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