SociWiz Review


SociWiz is a software that creates mini promotional content that can send traffic to any page you desire : eBay, Amazon, T – shirts, CPA offers, Youtube Videos, your own Products, etc.

Traffic is from top 5 Social media networks : Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Linkedin and g+. The mini promotional links are great because if a person sends lots of traffic to one offer, and it does not convert, you can easily redirect that traffic to any page you desire with 1 little change. These links are social friendly.

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BUT that is not all, while you can instantly start driving traffic from these sites. As content created is social friendly, it has included 5 additional traffic boosting video tutorials so they can boost their traffic even more. These tutorials are going to show you how to set up your profiles and drive even more traffic to your sites.

Please keep in mind, the software is integrated with top 5 social media networks, but you can post your promo links to any place you desire, and it is including top 50 places to get instant traffic to your pages.

See it in action :

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SociWiz Bonus


Web Traffic Flood ($10 VALUE)

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Free Website Traffic Methods ($7 VALUE)

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Viral Traffic Genius ($27 Value)

Over 200 copies sold as a WSO! Viral Traffic Genius is a new viral traffic generation strategy with a very unique & out-of-the box approach. As far as I know, I was the only one using this strategy in this particular way, until now… I personally use it every day with great success on several websites I own. This traffic strategy alone is…

WP Viral Rater Plugin ($10 Value)

WP Viral Rater Plugin – Google And Social Signals Results In Huge Opportunity For The Savvy Internet Marketer…

WP Sharepoint Plugin ($17 Value)

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WP Tee Contest ($10 Value)

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Viral Marketing Madness ($27)

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WP Scarcity Lock Plugin ($10 Value)

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SociVids Software Review

SociVids Review

Videos are hot though the ONE big issue no one has told you is that making some super cool video and uploading it on Youtube doesn’t matter a bit if that video can’t make any money.

And that’s where SociVids comes in, a revolutionary software that juices cash even from an UGLY video and then make the video go viral on social media!

Put it simply, this software lets you dominate videos and social media scene all at once.

And the reason it works and works like gangbusters is because SociVids removes the need for you to drive traffic to your videos, because it puts your videos where the traffic is already, in front of red-hot prospects.

Then by adding any 3rd party graphic (ANY), OptinForms, JVZoo buy buttons, or even PayPal buy buttons right into the videos, you are guaranteed to make cash, even from an ugly video.

And then it dominates social media because SociVids can be inserted on any Facebook newsfeed, Facebook group, or fan page you name it, right where there is already tons of traffic so there is never any shortage of visitors to make you sales.

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The cherry on top is, you don’t even need to make your own videos because SociVids works on any video in the world (even the ones you don’t own!)

SociVids is perfect for anyone selling a product, building a list or doing affiliate / CPA offers.

Watch the demo of the software below :



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SociVids Bonus

Want Results Like These?

Check out these CPA commissions that our Beta Tester is making using Soci Vids
Thanks to SociVids Brett was able to sell more than ever, earning over $5000 in just three days!


Web Video Tips ($17 VALUE)

Want To Know A Secret? Presenting, An Internet Marketing Strategy So Powerful That It Can Increase Your Conversion Rate By As Much As 400%. This e-guide is a comprehensive work that aims to teach you how to build and publish your own videos. It doesn’t matter if you have never blogged before. This e-guide will teach you the very basics, as well as many advanced strategies that will help you maximize your video experience.

Creating Video Products For Clickbank

($27 VALUE)

Mastering Video Product Creation and Doubling Your Conversions and Profits in Clickbank . Absolutely Everything You Need To Know To Master Clickbank And Be A Success Right At Your Fingertips

Video Marketing Gold ($10 VALUE)

Video Marketing Gold is designed for anyone who is new to video and wants to quickly learn how to get started with video marketing FAST. It’s not an advanced guide containing complex information that you won’t be able to understand – It’s a simple ‘no fluff’ report that will show you exactly what you need to know.

Turbo Video Genie ($7 VALUE)

How Can You Make High Quality Videos
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Put Up A Few Quality Review Videos And You Can Earn Up To $882 Per Video In Passive Income EVERY MONTH! Turbo Video Genie is an easy to use Video Creation Software…

Micro Video Marketing ($7 VALUE)


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Earn $200 A Day With Videos ($9 VALUE)

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Beginners Online Video Marketing Tips ($7 VALUE)


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Simple Steps How to Claim SociVids Bonus.

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CPA Profit Commander Review

What is CPA Profit Commander?

CPA Profit Commander is a complete guide to the incredible traffic source for massive profits. It reveals amazing traffic source and their proven strategy.  This traffic source delivers Google quality traffic, requires no minimum budget, and laser targeting options.

This makes sky high ROI possible even at a dirt cheap price.  With a strategy that allows them to produce insane click through rates of up to 70%, hugely profitable campaigns are very common. If you want high converting traffic along with a proven strategy, I highly recommend you check this out :

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Inside of CPA Profit Commander:

– 3 Never Seen Before Traffic Sources We Use To Generate an Extra $320+ Per Day
–  How To Get Traffic For Not Just One Day But A FULL 31 Days Of NONE Stop Traffic
– How To Only Pay Just One Small Amount And Not Worry About Any Daily Spends
– How To Start With Absolutely No Minimum Budget At ALL!
– Top 5 Keywords That Get The Most Traffic and How To Find More Of Them
– How To Setup Special Tracking For Your Offers
– And much more…

There is nobody better at perfecting innovative CPA strategies than Damon Korte and Timothy Miranda. They have developed a big reputation in the CPA marketing world by creating countless success stories with their courses. It is extremely rare to find marketers so dedicated to helping others succeed, and they are some of the best in the business.

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CPA Profit Commander Bonus

CPA Hybrid Profits ($67 Value)

Provide one of our best past products as a bonus when you make sales. CPA Hybrid Profits was one of our highest converting CPA affiliate products selling over 1,700 Use this bonus to make easy CPA Affiliate Mastermind conversions.

CPA Media Magic ($27 Value)

Dominate CPA with the biggest and most powerful traffic source online! This is how the top CPA marketers cash in!


Extra Bonuses

CPA Profit Blueprint

Whether you’re a complete beginner or advanced marketer looking to create an extra “low-tone, big profit” income stream, then this guide will walk you through everything step-by-step.

CPA Profit Storm

Complete guide to cost per action marketing for affiliates marketers. This guide will walk you through everything you need to know when it comes to CPA affiliate marketing.

Atomic CPA Marketing

Get the formula for CPA Wealth. A complete full guide based on affiliate marketing for CPA marketers and affiliate marketers.

CPA Empires

Important tools of the trade! Find out exactly what you need to do to set up powerful CPA campaigns in a breeze!

Pin Traffic Smasher

This step by step, 10 part video series takes you by the hand and shows you how to properly setup Pinterest boards, apply them to your website, and take them one step further by combining them with the power of third party tools to give you more exposure that you need.

Beginner’s Guide to Pinterest

Discover the world of Pinterest.

Pinterest Success Guide

Don’t miss out on the biggest social community to ever hit the Internet! This free report will show you exactly how to maximize exposure with Pinterest!

Pinterest Tactics For Business

Learn some helpful tips on how to represent your company on Pinterest.

Pinterest Expert – eBook and Video series

What Everyone Should Know About Generating Tons Of Profits Via The Latest social media craze.


Simple Steps How to Claim CPA Profit Commander Bonus.

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