Bullet Viral Traffic Review

Every internet marketing expert knows that being able to go viral can easily bring in 100x the traffic in a single day.

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Tech geek site Slashdot calls sites that it links to (and go down) being “slashdotted” or a victim of the “lashdot effect”. Reddit calls those same crashed sites symptom as being “Reddit hugged” or having the “Reddit hug of death”.

Going viral is the “home run” of getting traffic and something that every site owner dreams of. A new product just launched giving you this viral power to use on your own sites: Bullet Viral Traffic

Bullet Viral Traffic Review

What is Bullet Viral Traffic ?

Bullet Viral Traffic is a brand new site generating software that does something NO OTHER software can do, build you amazing viral sites on autopilot. It is the real deal and turns your WordPress site into a viral traffic magnet in under a minute.

Bullet Viral Traffic is able to pull in trending and topical VIRAL content into YOUR site on autopilot. See those catchy headlines on Viral Nova? How about the heartwarming stories on Upworthy? Funny images on imgur?

Now you can take advantage of the MASSIVE traffic they bring.
– No depending on Google
– No link building
– Not even paid ads
Imagine having this power automated and at your side, ready to use. With Bullet Viral Traffic you can now…

Build your very own FULL viral site in under 3 minutes
Grow Facebook Likes and Shares using HOT viral web content
Grow both your web site and traffic rapidly from 100% VIRAL content

Who Can Use Bullet Viral Traffic?

WordPress Bloggers
Facebook marketers
CPA marketers
Niche players
Product vendors

This is TOTALLY NEW method of traffic generation and system behind is phenomenal. No more waiting for your ads to get approved, backlinks to get indexed, or worrying about a SEO penalty. All you just do now is push a couple of buttons and get free traffic!

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Bullet Viral Traffic Bonus

Viral Traffic Genius ($27 Value)

Over 200 copies sold as a WSO! Viral Traffic Genius is a new viral traffic generation strategy with a very unique & out-of-the box approach. As far as I know, I was the only one using this strategy in this particular way, until now… I personally use it every day with great success on several websites I own. This traffic strategy alone is…

WP Viral Rater Plugin ($10 Value)

WP Viral Rater Plugin – Google And Social Signals Results In Huge Opportunity For The Savvy Internet Marketer…

WP Sharepoint Plugin ($17 Value)

New WordPress plugin combines the web’s top social media buttons into a single plugin! Share your content from any post or page and generate a viral buzz with the click of button..

Viral Traffic Secrets Blueprint ($27 Value)

Learn How To Generate Viral Traffic From Social Media and Networking Sites Quickly and Easily — 100% Guaranteed! Yes! YOU Too Can Generate Viral Traffic From Social Media and Networking Sites With Ease.

WP Tee Contest ($10 Value)

WP Tee Contest is a wordpress plugin developed to create a dedicated tee contest page that can help you improve your t-shirt campaign while at the same time make it go viral…

Creating Unstoppable Word Of Mouth In Network Marketing ($27 Value)

Learn The Secrets Of Network Marketing Gurus And Discover You Can Harness The Power Of Viral Marketing To Triple Your Leads, Increase Your Signups And Build Explode Your MLM Network Through The Efforts Of Others!

Viral eBook Riches ($7 Value)

In this guide you are going to learn the secrets to generating huge amounts of traffic to your website, and building a list you would not have thought possible. Honestly I am holding nothing back in this report, and I know you have heard this before, but you just hit the jack-pot!

Hot And Viral Marketing ($7 Value)

Have you ever seen a marketing video or a promotional campaign take off like a slingshot, build traction along the way, and drive hundreds, if not thousands of new visitors to an online business in a matter of days?


Understanding Viral Marketing ($6 Value)

Understanding Viral Marketing – Discover All There Is To Know About Viral Marketing…


Achieve Blogging Buzz ($27 Value)

Discover The Secrets To Skyrocket-ing Your Blog To Success & Profits Through These Certified Tips Guaranteed To Make Your Blog Go Viral!

Growth Hacking 101($7 Value)

Discover How To Build Virality Into Your Business And Get Your Product or Service In Front of More People! Isn’t It Time You Harness The Power of The Internet To Sell More of Your Product or Service?

The Viral Marketing Effect ($17.95)

Turn Your Business Into a Overnight Success Story by Learning How to Go Viral! Harnessing the Power of Viral Marketing Where Everyone is Suddenly Talking About Your Company, Product or Service is the an Effective Means to Becoming a Rapid Success in a Short Period of Time…

Viral Marketing Madness ($27)

Who Else Wants To Know How To Exponentially Grow Your Online Business Using The Power Of Viral Marketing? Explode Your Traffic And Leads By Letting An Army Of Loyal Followers Spread The News About Your Online Business!

WP Scarcity Lock Plugin ($10 Value)

Fast Action Landing Pages! Create professional direct response viral ebook pages that will force your web traffic to tweet your ebook, offer or sign up to mailing list within a given time limit…

Web Traffic Flood ($10 VALUE)

As an online business owner you simply can’t survive without traffic, right? I’ll Show You Simple Methods and Techniques That Anyone Can Use To Generate a Flood of Traffic To Their Website…

Free Website Traffic Methods ($7 VALUE)

Free Website Traffic Methods – Discover how to create traffic without the cost…

ViralNova WordPress Theme ($97 VALUE)
When you build your own viral site, you want to maximize your chances for success. While content is critical (and what the plugin solves), the packaging / design you display the content in is just as important.We took the top monster success story – ViralNova – and made the original design into a theme. Now you no longer need to worry if your site is sticky enough. You know it is because it’s using a PROVEN design.

Top 50 Viral Posts of 2014 ($27VALUE)
The three pillars of viral success are virality, traffic, and monetization. This ebook outlines all of the steps necessary for any viral marketing effort to succeed.Need ideas on how to make money with viral content? Got it. Want examples of sites using viral content to suck in traffic? It’s here. Need an outline for what makes articles go viral? Done.


Viral Marketing 101 ($47 VALUE)
To go viral, where better to look than the top viral posts? In this detailed report we outline and link the top 50 Facebook posts that have the most Shares and Likes in 2014.As you create your own viral empire, look to these for ideas and inspiration. The posts collectively have received over 100,000,000 Shares and 5,000,000 Likes.
Top Imgur Posts of 2014 ($27 VALUE)
If you understand and are able to asses what makes posts go viral, it makes it that much easier for your own posts to succeed.Take a look at the top Imgur links of 2014. Do people like historical photos? Funny animals? How-to sequences? Open up this report to find out exactly what people like to Share and comment on!

Simple Steps How to Claim Bullet Viral Traffic Bonus.

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STEP #2. After completing your order  CLICK HERE for the bonus confirmation !

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at : admin@productreviewsbonus.com


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